Intro to Backbends – Playing With Fire

  • Learning to use pain as a pivot point into freedom emotionally and physically.
  • Breaking Patterns of Suffering – Opening up to Freedom – How are we using our power? To create more suffering? OR are we using it in really nourishing ways? Ways that are about a life of meaning and purpose that is linked to our true nature? A LIFE OF DEEP HAPPINESS.
  1. Alter egos to promote freedom to say what you need to say (hehe!)
  2. Ego eradicator – (what’s one more humbling experience?!)
  3. Playing with fire (physical and emotional pros and cons)
  4. Developing witness, discernment, and technique for getting into body (about parasympathetic and sympathetic)
  5. What is a life of deep happiness for you, your nature?
  6. Yoga Sutra 1.34
  7. Breaking Patterns
  8. Using body as bridge – Out of ignorance into “clear perception”
  9. Story of Banana Tree – About the nature of the Ego
  10. 5 Things to watch out for – this is the game, excited for their arrival so one can do the work of re-alignment – breaking patterns
  11. Kindness – a poem from Naomi Shihab Nye
  12. A guided Relaxation
  13. Gayatri Mantra

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