In this podcast I bring the work of Foundation Training for Posture together with Chogyam Trungpa’s work on The Sacred Path of the Warrior. Talking: Posture, Breath, Science, Emotions, and Being a Fully Human Being

  • Make a transformation or die
  • Vipassana 10-Day silent meditation retreat life lesson
  • Foundation Training with Eric Goodman
  • The impacts of compression on the body
  • Connecting posture to physical heath and emotions
  • The vagus nerve, lungs, digestive organs and more…
  • 70% of bodies waste products are eliminated through the lungs
  • The link between the lungs and the immune system, metabolism, and all the other organs
  • Breath-work patterns as a warm-up to practice, as a tool to change the state of the nervous system / process emotions, to get into prime state for learning, and create freedom physically in the body
  • Space for digestion, enteric nervous system, sense of well being
  • The Vagus nerve
  • The imbalance in our bodies
  • Coming out of compression
  • Re-define core (posterior chain)
  • The importance of sitting on the ground
  • Discovering basic goodness
  • Meditation: sitting on the ground, assuming a good posture, developing a sense of our spot… our place on this earth.
  • The journey