This Podcast Covers:

  • Sutra 1.2: Yoga Citta Vrtti Nirodah
  • The meaning of each individual sanskrit word in Sutra 1.2
  • The meaning of them all together
  • The definition of Yoga
  • The difference between Purusa and Prakriti
  • What the Citta is
  • What is Suffering
  • What is Acceptance
  • Reading from Nisargadatta on Pain
  • Reading from Adyashanti on Depth
  • Learning to work with pain instead of running from it
  • Learning to identify with freedom instead of the story of our pain
  • Equanimity: staying present with changes
  • Will, Willpower & Willingness
  • What it means to apply this to our lives
  • Quotes from Nelson Mandela, Freiderich Neitzche, Martha Graham, Nini Melvin, and poetry from Antonio Machado.

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